Cyberspace: A No-Place

    All of online Computers are connected with each other via the Internet. The Internet facilitates symbolic digital interaction and thus enables us to become more communicative than were used to be before being online. The Internet makes possible computer mediated communication in different forms: "person-to-person", "many-to-many" and "one-to many". 

   Cyberspace is a no-place that virtually exists only within global cybernetic network: the Internet. Cyberspace is a special place could only be located trough cybergeography of the Internet. It is a reality of an special kind- a virtual reality. It's 'nowhere' but is felt 'everywhere'. It is a new form of electronic social reality that is a challenge for sociologists but an opportunity for cybersociologists: social scientists of cyberspace.

   Cyberspace is a world in which we are able to travel by a mouse click - from one place of the earth to another; distance deaths in cyberspace. Cyberspace is highly individualized but at the same time publicized. It's a virtual reality and

surprisingly, a real virtuality.

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