?What is Cybersociology

    Social sciences in the 21st century, have been experiencing a paradigm shift  due to a radical change in the structure of society, empowered by new digital information and communication technologies. Some social scientists, addressed this change using different concepts; post-industrial society, Cybersociety, information society, surveillance society, network society, knowledge society and …

 New digital ICTs speeded up social transformation, as result, theoretical change in the very science of society: Sociology.

    Methodologically speaking, new technological variables have been added into society, to explain new social phenomena were not been observed in the past. Cybernetic Social Phenomena (cysona, I will call it) that exist into the cyberspace, is new to sociology to describe and explain it.

    Specializing a new field for cysona, cybersociology coined by sociologists of cyberspace. I define cybersociology as, scientific description and explanation of cybersocial phenomena. This new field of study seems to be the most important field of sociology or the only real sociology of new society. Cyberculture, cybercommunity, cybrog, cyberfeminism, blogs, and digital democracy… are some of the broad areas of research need cybersociologists: Online social scholars of cyberspace. In an online society, there will be no academic authority for off or offline social scientists that will never deeply understand new subject matter in their discipline. Which one do you willing to be: on, online, off or offline?

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